✿ meet our creator ✿

The face of the brand, this is Nataly


I'm Nataly, the creator of Sugar Rose. What a dream and journey this has been. I started SR back in 2018 while I was in college. I never imaged this would be my path but over time I realized that this where I belonged and where I felt most alive and passionate. I believe finding what you love is essential, maybe that is the Aquarius in me. LOL 

SR was not always my main focus. After graduating I went straight to corporate America and let me tell you soon enough I realized that it was not where I wanted to be but something I needed to experience. I was grateful for the time I was there. I learned so much and I met people that I now call my friends but at the end of the day I felt like my life was stagnant and I just didn't feel alive. 

I think the turning point for me was the moment I realized I couldn't stop thinking about SR. I would wake up thinking about it and go to bed thinking about it. I just had this need to give it my all. On July 2020 I took that leap and gave it all I had. 

SR means everything to me. It has been a big part of my growth, and it has always been with me through the good and the bad. When I started SR I remember I wanted to create jewelry that made each person feel unique and beautiful. This inspiration came from a necklace I owned that had a crescent moon pendant, I would wear it every single day. I literally wore it until the chain turned black! I felt beautiful in that piece  and would get so many compliments. I still hold that piece so dear to my heart.

My point is that each piece that is created at SR is created with that intention to make you feel connected to that piece. For you to feel even more beautiful than you already are. 

It is crazy how one little gem can make all the difference. I hope you feel the same with the pieces you buy from SR. SR is here to add a little more sparkle to what is already beautifully you!

Thank you for being here and supporting my vision and dream!